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After a number of recent experiences with social media, I decided I just had to write about what seems to be the new addiction of the modern world.

As a new author, I have been told time and time again that I need to have a strong presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms (there are so many I can’t keep up with the full list) to build a following. But although I have been on Facebook for many years, I do not consider myself to be particularly any good at social media and I sometimes struggle to keep up with it. Furthermore, for years I could not really grasp why people use Twitter and I still don’t. It appears to be a platform for people who enjoy getting themselves into trouble. Anyway, I am keeping an open mind about the potential benefits such a platform provides to spread a positive message. So far so good.

I do not think social media is evil or anything extreme like that and I strongly believe it can be used for the rights reasons. For example, serving as a reminder for important dates such as friends birthdays. Nevertheless, I find that it can be extremely addictive and time consuming if care is not taken.

As a passionate follower of Christ, how do I justify not spending adequate time studying my Bible or in prayer but instead I easily find the time to spend many hours a day responding to Whatsapp messages, liking Instagram photos or reading silly tweets which add no value to my life? In fact I have noticed the more of social media I expose myself to, the more attracted and interested I am to gossip news which is a habit I really hate.

My wife and I have restricted ourselves from viewing or responding to messages (or any social media shenanigans) whilst at dinner or spending time with our daughter, but we slipup so often that we might as well lift the restriction. There is always that important message that you just have to read or respond to.

Sigh, I do realize the importance social media plays in getting a message across but as with anything in life there must be a balanced approach to it. It should be secondary to spending quality time with God, family, friends and people in your community.

Consequently, going forward I am going to limit myself to a strict social media routine (my 10th attempt at it) so please bear with me if I do not respond to your messages in a timely manner ☺. Also, feel free to confiscate my phone if you catch me typing away whilst at dinner (so long as you give it back after my meal ☺).

Please pardon all typos. No matter how hard I try, I never see all my own mistakes.

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