Successful or not. Rich or poor. People use plenty of terms to determine and define happiness—but is it really joy they're seeking?

Author Toks Adebiyi shares examples from his time in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom in the inspirational memoir Joyful. Like many others, Toks got caught up in the push for wealth and popularity and dreamed of becoming the next Richard Branson or Robert Kiyosaki. But when events in his life brought him back down to earth, he began to redefine what joy meant to him.

Here, Toks shares what he found, laying out a path for others to follow in advice-filled chapters such as "Loving Yourself" and "Mind Your Environment" All throughout, he includes action points to aid others in their own pursuit of joy.

Joyful is specifically targeted at young readers and families. This lighthearted, easy-to- read guide will help you find what matters most in your life—and what you really need to find inner peace.

100% of profits from the sale of Joyful, a Truthful Guide to Finding Peace and Living a Fulfilling life is donated to charities and good causes.